Many marketers are fully aware that marketing lists are an excellent way to reach a wide and extensive range of clients and consumers.

But some tend to forget that there are varying types of lists out there – and not all marketing lists are created equal.

According to B2B marketing copywriter and consultant Susan Fantle, the very best and most effective B2B email lists available today typically consist of subscribers to specific industry publications.

These types of lists enable you to be sure that you are obtaining full opt-in; however, email lists tend to average only 30 per cent of the target available from direct mail lists.

“B2B marketing only using email is, therefore, missing two-thirds of available prospects,” Ms Fantle comments on the B2B marketing smarts blog.

“With the delivery loss from spam filters, the missing number is likely to be even larger.”

Armed with this information, the next step you need to take is to make sure that you are implementing a fully integrated multi-channel marketing strategy in order to achieve the best chances of marketing success.