Despite the ongoing financial downturn, firms looking to cut costs should look at other outgoings before deciding to sacrifice their direct marketing budgets, one expert says.

David McCann, planning director at public relations firm Teamspirit, has told Citywire, says that choosing to compromise a direct marketing strategy could have a negative effect on sales.

Mr McCann is of the belief that there are many lower-cost techniques which can be used within the direct marketing sphere in order to ease the financial burden on businesses as the continue campaigns to attract more clients.

He commented: “Cutting media and marketing spend in a recession has been proven empirically not to work.

“It might work in the very short term but you will lose market share, brand investment and clients.”

In other direct marketing news, the Direct Marketing Association has formed a partnership with Equifax in an effort to promote the UK’s marketing data services sector, including data intelligence.

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