The ubiquity of email marketing has led many firms to think they know it all and have no further need to keep abreast of the latest best practice guidelines.

It is very importance to be wary of this type of complacency, as this is how you can slip up and fall behind in the email marketing stakes.

Marketing specialist Megan Ouellet, of Listrak, provides some essential tips for industry practitioners, such as engaging customers but being careful not to overload them with information.

Writing on, she warns that “over communicating” can be detrimental to email campaigns and could result in potential sales leads zoning out and becoming uninterested in marketing content.

“You may be training your audience to tune out instead of tune in,” Ms Ouellet says.

“Your different marketing campaigns can’t exist in a vacuum; you must put a tactical schedule in place and control the cadence of all of your communications carefully.”

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