The ease with which digital communications can be devised and disseminated has led to some B2B marketing professionals taking lax attitudes to their promotions and thinking they can do it all by themselves.

I have seen some marketers forget the importance of working collaboratively and insist on embarking on interactive marketing campaigns single-handedly without consulting other members of the team.

It’s extremely important not to fall into this treacherous trap, because not only will it lead to corporate discord and a lack of communication within your organisational structure, but it could, perhaps more importantly, result in sub-par marketing communications, which could ultimately negatively affect your bottom line and cause serious brand damage.

A recent study from Booz & Co highlights the importance of a cohesive marketing strategy suitable for the peculiarities of the interactive marketing sector.

“In a Web 2.0 world, taking part in that market isn’t simply a matter of throwing some banner ads against a few likely websites and seeing what sticks,” the study states.

“It demands a close collaboration between CMOs and CIOs to build technology to automate new marketing processes and provide real-time decision support.”

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