Marketing firm E-consultancy has launched a new course aimed at helping marketers to manage digital promotions campaigns.

The one-day Project Skills for Digital Marketers course has been designed to equip marketers with the necessary skills and experience to carry out successful and thorough marketing campaigns.

Project Skills for Digital Marketers is scheduled to take place in London and begins at the end of October. The course will be taught by two trainers with over 20 years worth of marketing experience.

Sonia Kay, a trainer on the course, said: “Digital marketers need a simple but effective process and some basic tools to enable them to spec out their project fully, schedule the work realistically to avoid false expectations and to manage the team of people working on the project.”

Co-trainer Sarah Alder added: “Our approach provides a structure and a reasonable amount of documentation, enough to give the marketers control but not so much that their day is swallowed up in paper work.”

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