Considering the environmental impact of packaging in direct mail campaigns can help marketers cut costs as well as reduce their carbon footprint, an expert has said.

Rob Holloway, director of eco-design consultancy Giraffe Innovation, said that being “lean and green” is crucial in helping businesses increase their operational efficiency.

Writing on Packaging News, he pointed out that there are a number of simple steps marketers can take in order to improve their environmental performance, increase recyclability and raise their overall business efficiency.

Mr Holloway suggested that firms can look into reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that result from package production, which in turn, can reduce costs.

“The environmental agenda presents an opportunity for designers to demonstrate their creative ability within commercial…and overall supply chain constraints,” he said.

“In most cases, designers should be able to achieve cost and environmental savings with existing packaging before considering radical approaches.”

According to Steve Sellwood, of direct marketing list provider Select a Base, cleaning business lists is one of the main ways marketers can prevent wasted mailings and thus reduce their carbon footprint.

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