Marketers looking to generate leads and engage prospects should focus on campaign strategies that educate consumers, an expert has said.

Jim Lenskold, founder and president of consultancy Lenskold Group, revealed that an educational marketing approach is particularly useful in the early stages of the customer purchase funnel to build awareness and interest and in the middle of the funnel to generate leads.

This approach is also an effective way to nurture stalled leads and stimulate prospects that are not yet ready to move onto the next stage of the buying cycle.

“Lead nurturing has high potential value when your acquisition programmes have generated responses from interested prospects who are not yet ready to buy,” Mr Lenskold commented on the Marketing Profs blog.

“Such stalled leads within the sales organisation will typically get the periodic call with the ‘Are you ready to buy yet?’ message.”

Meanwhile, Mark Haslan of business advice website Overnight Prints recently urged marketers to tempt sales leads by sending them direct mail offers as incentives.