Effective use of CRM systems could help firms to achieve business growth through their existing customers, an expert claims.

Darren Mercieca, an adviser for Business Link, the government’s business support service, said that effective use of CRM allows businesses to meet the needs of their clients as they can record, among other things, buying patterns.

Rather than focusing solely on finding new customers, businesses can use CRM to develop effective processes for their existing customers, said Mr Mercieca.

“It enables businesses to better approach customers in the future with propositions on new items, products and services,” he said, noting that CRM can do much more than simply record basic details about customers.

His comments follow the recent publication of findings from the Chartered Institute of Marketing which showed that a quarter of marketers believe CRM to offer the best return on investment. Those in the financial services, telecoms and technology sectors in particular claimed it was a useful tool.

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