Email marketers’ messages are still not reaching their intended destination almost half of the time, new research reveals.

According to email services company Return Path’s Q2 2008 Reputation Benchmark Report, emails sent from legitimate servers had an average delivery rate of 56 per cent.

Some 20 per cent of emails were rejected, eight per cent were diverted into a filter and 16 per cent bounced, reports B to B magazine.

George Bilbrey, Return Path’s general manager of delivery assurance, advised marketers to ensure that their email server is always configured correctly in order to allow emails to reach recipients.

He also warned marketers to keep their unknown user rate down, as internet service providers keep track of unsuccessful delivery attempts to non-existent recipients.

“Log too many of those attempts and you risk being placed on a black list or blocked at the server level,” Mr Bilbrey said. “If that happens, none of your emails to that domain or ISP will get through.”

Spam levels averaged 77 per cent of all email messages, according to Commtouch’s latest Email Threats Trends Report.

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