Email is still an integral part of B2B marketing strategies, a B2B Marketing Magazine survey has found.

The survey, which was sponsored by Newsweaver, found that 80 per cent of B2B marketers in the UK consider email to be an essential component of their marketing campaigns.

Some 87 per cent of respondents said they regard email as an “important”, “very important” or “critical” part of their marketing strategies, while just 13 per cent said email was “not important”.

Half of all respondents said they have increased their email budgets in the previous 12 months and most UK firms said they expect their email marketing budgets to continue to grow.

Some 56 per cent of B2B marketers think that email will be used more selectively in the future, while 62 per cent of respondents believe that the versatility of email is increasing.

Denise Cox, newsletter specialist at Newsweaver, said: “This research shows that B2B marketers are becoming more confident in their use of email and the future looks good with most businesses citing that they expect their email marketing budgets to grow.”

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