Recent security issues in the internet world mean that email marketers are required to build a level of trust with their targets.

That is the view of email marketing expert Carmen Curran, writing on DMNews, who has pointed to the security problems created by spammers and identity thieves.

These issues, Ms Curran explained, have led to a feeling of mistrust among some email account holders, which direct marketers conducting email campaigns must learn to overcome.

“As consumers worry about identity theft and online security, it’s no surprise that they’re protective of their privacy,” she observed.

“With people increasingly reluctant to disclose personal information online and through email, direct marketers need to find new ways to re-establish trust and confidence online.”

Of the 1,000 global business leaders polled in the Marketing Outlook survey released by StrongMail Systems, 51 per cent said that they are increasing marketing spend for 2009.

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