Email marketers have been warned to make sure they have contingency plans in place in case they experience unforeseen situations.

Loren McDonald, vice-president of industry relations at Silverpop, said mistakes and mishaps in email marketing messages are unavoidable for the most part, so marketers should have a “disaster plan” in place to guide them when things go awry.

Writing in Media Post, he advised marketers to make sure they always monitor reply-to addresses and key metrics such as registrations and conversions so they spot mistakes as and when they arise.

“Knowing what steps to take when a mistake happens will help you minimise the damage from being caught off-guard and avoid future mistakes,” Mr McDonald commented.

He advised marketers to promptly apologise to clients on their mailing lists if they discover a mistake after content has been emailed.

“Your apology should reflect your company or corporate personality,” Mr McDonald advised. “Be humble – especially if the mistake could jeopardise your subscribers’ faith and trust in your brand.”

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