It’s an ongoing challenge to maintain and increase the number of people opening and reading your emails. Here are some quick, specific things you can do to improve open rate responses. In particular…

1. Give people a reason to open

The decision to take a closer look at an email is heavily influenced by what people see on the screen in front of them. The key factors here are your subject line, sender line and the top (left) of your actual email: the content that typically appears in the preview panes provided by most email software and webmail services.

Design and write these three elements to help recipients recognize the sender and to induce enough interest or curiosity to convince them to investigate the email further.
2. Send at the right time

Try sending email on different days or at different hours to see if that catches more people with the time and inclination to give your email a closer look.
3. Don’t send too many, don’t send too few

Open rates suffer if you send too much email (fatigue sets in) or too little (people forget about you and lose interest). So what’s the right amount? That’s unique to each email program, audience and sender. But consider testing changes in email frequency to improve responses.

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