Email marketing strategies allow small firms to expand their reach as far as possible, it has been suggested.

Wendy Lowe, director of product marketing for Campaigner, said email marketing allows companies to disseminate their content to their entire customer and prospect base and recipients may well forward content to other prospective sales leads.

Writing on the Marketing Profs blog, she also pointed out that email is proactive – it goes directly to customers’ email inboxes and gives them the chance to directly obtain more information or a quote simply by clicking on a mouse.

“Email marketing is based on the idea of sending the right message directly to the right people based on their preferences, local market conditions and other factors,” Ms Lowe commented.

She added that marketers can build up a “master list” and then segment it according to a number of variables such as gender, age, geographic location, marital status, income and time of year.

Writing in Entrepreneur, Gail Goodman, chief executive of Constant Contact, recently extolled the virtues of email marketing an important component in an effective multichannel strategy.

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