Have you ever pressed the email send button and realised seconds too late that it contains information for somebody else? Terrible feeling isn’t it?

This sensation can be even worse if you discover you have sent email marketing content to subscribers without crossing your Ts or spelling your company name correctly. Making careless mistakes such as these can not only make you seem unconcerned, it can also result in serious brand damage.

So before you send out that crucial email to your subscribers, take heed of a few email marketing best practice guidelines from Justine Jordan, manager of Design Solutions, who gives some golden rules that all self-respecting marketers would do well to adhere to.

“Every time you send out an e-mail, test it first on all of the mailboxes,” she tells Marketing Vox. “I never cease to be amazed at how many marketers don’t do this.”

Giving your email newsletter a test run before sending it out to your precious mailing lists will allow you to iron out any potential hiccups.

Jordan also highlights the importance of making sure your brand is properly represented on all materials, as this is where many marketers tend to drop the ball.

“Having a generic piece of marketing material might make the consumer think it is a scam or phishing attempt,” she warns.

If you follow these simple rules to marketing nirvana, success shouldn’t be too far behind.

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