A better response from business-to-business email marketing campaigns is not necessarily achieved by increasing frequency.

So says Jamie Schissler of email Insider, who has warned that the bombardment of recipients with email marketing messages could have a negative impact on campaigns.

Mr Schissler has advised that many targets may take the unwanted step of unsubscribing to a mailing list, fed up with seeing their inboxes flooded.

“Beware,” he said. “More email often results in irritating consumers, which in turn results in increased unsubscribes.”

“The solution is not about sending more email, but rather being more strategic in your customer communications.”

The issue of which strategy to choose is likely to be raised frequently in 2009, a year which figures suggest will see a big increase in email marketing campaigning.

According to the Marketing Outlook survey published by StrongMail Systems last December, as many as 73 per cent of companies planning to increase their overall marketing budget will up email marketing spend.

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