Direct mailing campaigns using email can build upon previous work and can become a firm’s number one technique, one expert site has said.

According to brain talent, the most profitable way to engage in a campaign is to use data intelligence to come up with a campaign that will be highly efficient as it only targets likely customers.

Explaining why, the site said: “The internet is a scary place for many people so when these people find a business they trust, they are more comfortable buying again.

“When you supply a quality product your customers come to trust you.

“With email marketing you can target people that trust you and have expressed an interest in your products,” it adds.

To build this trust, brain talent said that a site can start by creating a regular list of email marketing messages as customers will begin to trust and recognise your name. However, these messages need to be “short, informative, interesting and the titles of your email marketing messages need to catch the reader’s attention”.

Building up trust with consistently good messages builds trust such that customers believe your firm is “legitimate, professional and trustworthy”.

“This in turn leads to more sales for you,” it concludes.ADNFCR-8000151-ID-18147616-ADNFCR

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