The carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for which an organisation is responsible may be reduced by investing in email marketing.

Purchasing data lists and sending out advertising emails can reduce the carbon footprint of firms because of their ease of use, the Guardian reports.

In an article expounding the green credentials of internet marketing, the news source suggests emails have around 1/60th of the impact on the environment of a standard letter.

However, the newspaper’s Green Living Blog noted: “A genuine email has a bigger carbon footprint [than spam], simply because it takes time to deal with.”

According to the piece, it takes 33 billion units of electricity a year to power the sending, sorting and filtering of spam, so email marketing messages that are sent should be targeted and relevant to recipients.

Chief executive of Matt McNeill recently emphasised the importance of business-to-business (B2B) email marketing being engaging and information-rich in order to boost open rates.

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