Email marketing professionals may be eagerly awaiting the impending increase in VAT as it could present opportunities to improve sales, it has been claimed.

Liane Dietrich, managing director of LinkShare UK, said that targeted promotions could highlight to consumers the areas where they can still get the best deals, with the overall rise in prices focusing people’s attention on finding bargains.

“Whether it’s a straight price comparison or an extra bonus in terms of free shipping or gifts, there is a strong perception that online offers a better range of options than the high street. The increased VAT rate can be another string to this bow,” she commented.

Elsewhere, Michael Della Penna, managing director of ThreadMarketing, recently told Fresh Business Thinking that companies should ensure they have the right tools in place before embarking on any email marketing campaigns.

He argued an understanding of how email ties in with other marketing threads – such as social media and mobile – is integral to getting optimum results.

Posted by Suzanne Stock – Communications Director, HR, Online Advertising, General Marketing

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