Marketers should use their email marketing campaigns to improve their quality of their promotions, an expert has advised.

According to Andrew Gordon, an independent digital consultant and trainer at E-consultancy, email is the perfect platform for firms to “tweak” their marketing approach.

Writing on the E-consultancy blog, Mr Gordon stressed the importance of constantly updating email marketing strategies in order to increase the likelihood of success.

He also recommended that marketers should only send material that will be of use otherwise it will fail to grab the attention of recipients.

“The key word in email marketing is relevancy; your subscribers will only open and read your emails if the content you send them is relevant and has some value to them,” Mr Gordon commented.

“Think about where they are in the buying cycle and only send content that is useful for them at that stage. If you don’t think it’s relevant content then don’t send it.”

He also advised marketers to regularly check their clickthroughs, open rates and delivery rates.