Email marketing has been picked out as one of the best cost-saving forms of direct marketing available to firms by one high-ranking industry figure.

Eric Groves, the senior vice president of global market development at UK-based Constant Contact, has weighed up the marketing tactic compared to other techniques which companies are choosing from during the economic downturn.

Mr Groves suggested that the best way of producing a polished campaign for a relatively cheap price was by choosing email marketing.

He said of the channel: “It is low cost, [costing a] fraction of a penny per communication. The next best alternative would be direct mail to your customers which typically costs over $1 (72p) per message.

“By using a service you can easily create professional looking campaigns that help you stand out ahead of your competition.”

Recent research from the Direct Marketing Association, published earlier in the month, found that the proportion of acquisition campaigns fell from 24 per cent in the first quarter 2008 to 18 per cent in the second quarter, hinting at an opportunity for marketers looking for new customers.

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