Entrepreneurs and small business owners should use email marketing campaigns to maintain regular contact with customers, according to new advice.

Establishing new contacts during the early stages of start-up is integral to success and there are some key marketing tips business owners should take note of.

This is according to Tiffan Clark, marketing vice president of JumpStart, which has just launched the IdeaCrossing social networking site for small firms.

Mr Clark said that successful business owners invest in a number of direct marketing initiatives and highlighted email marketing as a particularly beneficial method.

As well as being cost-effective, direct marketing emails allow for “regular contact with key audiences”.

Mixing traditional methods with new online PR tactics was also suggested by JumpStart, with the firm explaining that building a list of media contacts and publishing press releases online can help with raising initial awareness.

“Smart entrepreneurs are leveraging all available communication channels for maximum messaging impact,” Mr Clark concluded.

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