Email marketing is most effective when it demonstrates its power to “transform” consumers’ lives, an industry expert has advised.

Lisa Harmon, co-founder of email marketing agency Smith-Harmon, suggested that emails that show how businesses can help consumers change their lives for the better could have a significant impact on recipients.

She also pointed out that how-to emails that offer useful tips and messages tailored to recipients’ individual preferences are also likely to generate favourable responses from recipients.

“If you show subscribers exactly what they need at the moment that they need it, you can’t help but change them,” Ms Harmon said.

“Stage experiences that open opportunities for transformation and keep your transformative processes dynamic enough to take hold and effect change over time. Email has never felt so powerful.”

According to a survey by Internet Retailer, 62 per cent of email marketers say that they monitor the size of their messages in order to avoid sending mail that consumes to much bandwidth.

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