The use of email marketing as an effective technique comes with making sure each email is relevant to the recipient, according to one expert.

Raman Gupta of Experian has pointed to research conducted last year by his own firm and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), which led to a report concluding that the relevance of email marketing was in decline, despite the sector recording positive overall growth.

Writing on, Mr Gupta said that firms were going into digital marketing campaigns, which often use data intelligence, underprepared and without clarity of vision.

He commented: “Too often we see brands investing in digital marketing without the rigour around targeting, process, content and learning that should characterise modern marketing.”

Mr Gupta went to recommend using a mix of both online and offline channels: “Digital marketing clearly occupies a seat at the top table at present. However, brands must recognise that an elegant blend of online and offline marketing is the key to sustained performance.”

The report referred to by Mr Gupta found that email marketing received a 33 per cent actual positive response rate compared to direct mail‘s 44.4 per cent.

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