An industry expert has advised email marketers to tailor their messages using personalised information.

Derek Harding, chief executive of Innovyx, pointed out that although email marketing platforms offer a range of ways to target sales leads such as segmentation, many firms are not fully capitalising on them.

Writing in ClickZ, Mr Harding echoed the sentiments of leading marketing experts who stress that email marketing is not about “batch and blast” but about highly individualised techniques that are designed to make sales leads feel like individuals and not statistics.

“This year’s watchword is engagement,” he maintained. “This is led in part by the focus on social networking that relies so heavily on an engaged audience.”

Mr Harding added that the one-to-one marketing approach requires a great deal of data management, a strong knowledge of consumers’ needs, the ability to personalise communications and effective manipulation capabilities.

Writing on Fresh Business Thinking, marketing specialist Alexandra English recently stressed that a clean mailing list and database keeps sales leads fully engaged.

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