Spending on US email marketing will grow to $1.1 billion by 2010 from the current $885 million that is spent on it in 2005, according to new research.

A study by JupiterResearch also discovered that in the same five-year period, the volume of spam messages per consumer would decrease by 13 per cent a year.

The report, titled “US Email Marketing Forecast 2005 to 2010”, states that the overall growth of the market will be marked by growth in spending on retention, acquisition and transactional email.

Thanks to filtering improvements, the average email consumer will see a reduction from 3,253 pieces of spam in 2005 to 1,640 pieces of spam in 2010.

The research also found that email delivery rates have stabilised at an 88 per cent rate and are expected to climb the 90 per cent mark in the next few years.

David Schatsky, JupiterResearch senior vice president, said: “The next five years will see a more organised email marketing arena.

“Delivery rates will rise because of marketers’ efforts to improve list management practices. And the greater control by ISPs over spam will mean a lot less waste.”

The cost of incorrectly blocked email is expected to drop to $92 million by 2010 from the current 2006 high of $107 million.

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