Direct marketers asking themselves how to make their emails more relevant have been given an insight by one expert.

Writing on DMNews, Kevin Senne, the global director of deliverability and product services at Premiere Global Services, has explained that value and frequency are key to the relevance of email marketing messages.

Content should be something which targets find readable and useful, lending value to a communication, Mr Senne said.

He went on to explain that the frequency with which messages are sent out should be thought about carefully – too many or too little emails could detract from their relevance.

“Relevance means building a lasting relationship with your customer,” he stressed.

Continuing: “This relationship takes many forms, whether based on content or simply trust. It doesn’t have to mean 500 individualised pieces of content. It just has to mean something of value to your customer.”

Elsewhere, Hostway’s Phil Turnbull has told the Technology for Marketing and Advertising 2009 seminar that “targeted and relevant” email should be a main focus for marketers this year.

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