Marketers should ensure that the subject lines of their emails are creative in order for them to have maximum chances of success, an expert has advised.

According to freelance marketing specialist Helen Leggatt, having an original subject line makes it easier for marketers to “cut through the sea of spam currently flooding into inboxes”.

Writing on, Ms Leggatt stressed that marketers should by all means be clever and witty with their subject lines, but they should be wary of being too “cryptic”, as this could result in their emails being mistaken for spam.

She also stressed the importance of not misleading consumers in the subject line or giving promises that can’t be upheld.

“The disappointment felt when the email content doesn’t deliver on expectations can damage brand image,” Ms Leggatt explained.

Marketers are also advised to keep their subject lines short – preferably under 50 charcters – as this reduces the chances of truncation.

A recent study by MailerMailer found that emails with shorter subject lines generally outperform those with longer ones.

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