Companies that use email marketing should ensure that they incorporate eye-catching first lines into their messages, an expert has advised.

According to Helen Leggart from online resource BizReport, because many consumers now use preview panes in the email inboxes, marketers have to ensure that the first sentence of their message is good enough to attract consumers’ attention and prevent them from deleting it.

Ms Leggart pointed out that using eye-catching first lines is similar to a Johnson Box, which was commonly used in the past to highlight the key messages of direct mail.

“As well as including key messages and hooks, a Johnson Box tactic that is unique to email might be to add a link to view the email content online or to prompt the recipient to add the sender address to their contact list,” she added.

A study by the Email Sender and Provider Coalition found that eight out of ten email subscribers click the ‘report spam’ button without even opening the message, with 73 per cent basing their decision on the ‘from’ line.

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