Marketing and advertising campaigns are now reverting to the ’emotional equity’ approach adopted in the 1980s, characterised by the conspicuous absence of the product being pushed.

The popular Cadbury’s chocolate bar advert, where a gorilla drums to a Phil Collins track, is highly reminiscent of iconic Saatchi and Saatchi British Airways ads which lacked airplanes and is reigniting the eighties trend.

According to U Talk Marketing’s Clark Turner, it is still important to keep functional marketing messages out there in the marketplace.

But building brand equity at the same time by tapping in to the hearts is “just as vital for a brand’s success down the line”.

Nick Button, marketing director of Capital Radio told U Talk Marketing: “Delivering a functional product is not enough in itself. It’s an important part of the marketing mix, but its important to get the balance right with those marketing elements delivering emotional ties.”

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