A company in the US has claimed its new range of envelopes could help businesses improve the success rate of their direct mail campaigns.

Envelopes.com has launched a new range of envelopes which are designed to look like priority post, which the company says encourages more people to take time over the mail inside.

“Our envelopes help businesses increase their direct mail response rate because they look similar to priority packages, but only require standard postage,” explained Tom Panaggio, chief executive at Envelopes.com.

He continued: “Because it looks like an important mail item, it often gets placed directly on the executive’s desk instead of the secretary’s pile.”

The organisation claimed that businesses using the envelopes have already seen an improved response rate from their direct mail campaigns.

There is growing optimism in the US that the global direct mail market may be on the verge of seeing some good growth once again.

Despite the fact direct marketing campaigns are often a cheap way for businesses to keep in touch with clients during the recession, the number of direct mailings has been falling over recent months, but the rate of decline has now begun to slow.

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