Using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can enable firms to better organise their data lists.

According to the National Computing Centre (NCC), firms should plan well ahead in order to gain maximum benefit from ERP systems.

The organisation explained that the more thorough firms are when it comes to using ERP systems, the less chances there are of an implementation going wrong.

Michael Dean, director of advisory services at the NCC, said: “You need to fully understand what you want from the system now and what you may want in two year’s time.

“Ask your solution provider to demonstrate that they can address the critical points before you start implementation.”

Mr Dean also advised firms to join forums and get tips from other companies that have used ERP systems.

A survey carried out by the NCC’s Evaluation Centre found that six per cent of companies surveyed plan to increase their investment in enterprise applications in the foreseeable future.

Posted by Daryl Jay, Business Development Director – Sales, Industry News, General Marketing