Telemarketing through sustained cold calling and ongoing business development calls is a proven way to grow your business and develop a steady, regular sales pipeline.

By implementing the following simple tips and techniques you can radically increase your cold calling success rates and get more out of your telemarketing campaign.

Tip 1: Make sure you target your potential customers

Who do you want to call and why? Is there a particular industry sector you want to target – a certain size of business? Exclude the companies that don’t have a real need for what you offer and make sure your hottest prospects are included.

Work out who your current ‘best’ customers are and what about them you particularly like. This will help you profile the characteristics of new customers you want to target. If you are buying or renting data use a reputable data company who will clean your prospects against all the compliance schemes (including TPS and CTPS) to avoid a fine.

Tip 2: Prepare your pitch before you pick up the phone!

It will help if you map out your introduction – why are you calling? Include your name, your company name and a few key benefits that you can bring into the conversation at an early stage.

Ask if now is a good time to talk – if not, go for a better time and be polite.

Try to get the other person talking as soon as possible so you are having a meaningful conversation. Ask open-ended questions (who, where, when, how etc) to build a rapport and deepen your understanding of the person and their needs relative to your business.

Tip 3: Make a good first impression

Before you start, record your voice on your answer phone to get an idea of how you sound. When you go live, focus on speaking clearly and confidently. If you try to rush then you will cause confusion and irritation. Sound genuinely enthusiastic when you are being spoken to but avoid over familiarity – especially in a first ‘getting to know you’ call.

Tip 4: Listen – It leads you to success

Don’t just make listening sounds. Really listen and take notes whilst you are doing so to prompt you. Repeat back the key things that are being said and clarify. This also shows that you have got the right end of the stick and you’re not misunderstanding anything.

Tip 5: Follow up! Follow up!

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