The development of the internet and growth of intelligent decision engines could revolutionise the scope of marketing, an expert has said.

According to Ben Langdon of Digital Marketing Group, the evolution of the internet into “Web 3.0” could result in sophisticated decision engines able to combine existing offline data with real-time generated online information.

Writing on My, Mr Langdon maintained that this “digital brain” would be able to identify clients who are interacting with marketers’ websites and generating fresh behavioural data and then mine offline databases for clients’ information such as channel preferences and demographic data.

Personalised web content would then be able to be presented specifically to individual users, highlighting special offers or product bundles that they prefer.

This approach would also allow marketers to make outbound phone calls or manage inbound calls offering clients help and advice on their purchase based on past online and offline data.

“The possibilities for such an approach are only limited by the data available and the available types of interactions put in place by the brand,” Mr Langdon commented.

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