Making clients feel that they are receiving exclusive content can significantly improve the success of online marketing campaigns, an expert has advised.

According to Bernardo Huberman, more web users are staying loyal to just a small number of sites on the internet, which suggests that exclusivity may be something they value, reports the BBC.

Speaking at an industry press meeting, Mr Huberman said that this trend is likely to continue for some time, making web users’ attention one of the most important commodities in the online platform.

“This issue of exclusivity is going to be more and more predominant in a world in which anyone can have access to everything – I think that is the most interesting trend,” he said.

“Everybody has access to the same kind of information and the same array of products. Those who manage to convince you to part with a lot of money in exchange for being exclusive and feeling part of an elite group are the ones that are going to make it.”

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