Email marketing should be relevant to the target audience it is being aimed at, an expert has advised.

Matt McNeil, founder of email marketing solutions firm, stressed the importance of personalising campaigns for maximum effect and urged marketers to fully exploit the various ways of doing this.

He also suggested that marketers should pay particular attention to the portions of their client base that are especially non-responsive.

“You certainly need to take a different approach when targeting different groups,” Mr McNeil said.

“Age is not necessarily a deciding factor, although some groups can be a bit more demanding and require you to be a bit savvier with your marketing techniques.”

Epsilon’s recent Global Consumer Email Study found that younger demographics tend to be more responsive to offline and online specials in permission-based emails.

Despite being more likely to unsubscribe from mailings than their older counterparts, younger demographics are also more likely to want to receive more offers as often as possible.

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