Copywriting expert Mark Levy has advised marketers to try “freewriting” in order to get their creative juices flowing and improve their marketing copy.

He explained that freewriting consists of brainstorming ideas during a creative session in a free-flowing way.

Mr Levy said freewriting temporarily rids people of their “internal editor” and allows them to think and write liberally. Even though some of the resultant material produced during a freewriting session may seem confused, the technique could produce any number of hidden gems.

It is also essential to write quickly and consistently throughout a freewriting session in order to maintain momentum, Mr Levy pointed out.

“While freewriting, it’s important to keep writing no matter what’s happening in your mind,” he commented.

“Stopping for more than a second or two gives your internal editor a chance to reengage and disrupt the process.”

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Posted by Suzanne Stock – Communications Director, HR, Online Advertising, General Marketing