Direct mail is one of the best platforms with which to conduct marketing campaigns, an expert has said.

Royal Mail’s Andrew Miller stressed that a number of studies have illustrated that people are very receptive to offline marketing promotions so firms should take advantage of the platform’s benefits.

Speaking in a recent interview with online business resource Marketing Donut, he pointed out that email may be free and instant, but the personalisation offered by direct mail is always preferred.

“Direct mail is about reaching out and having that personal touch,” Mr Miller explained. “Research suggests that direct marketing is eight times more likely than any other medium to make [clients] feel valued.”

He added that marketers should use direct mail to offer discount vouchers and other promotions, as this is crucial to up-selling.

According to a recent survey from Serif, more than half (56 per cent) of small companies design part or all of their promotional materials in-house.

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