An industry expert has highlighted the importance of generating prospects and sales leads in order to expand mailing lists.

Ed Tittel, senior consultant with Wilson Learning, conceded that prospecting is often time consuming, costly and wasteful, but pointed out that there are a few methods guaranteed to achieve a measure of success.

Writing on the Marketing Profs blog along with colleague Carl Eidson, he suggested that marketers should schedule a minimum of two hours a day for phone calls and should spent the first 30 minutes of each day making at least three calls.

“The idea is that if you make enough calls, sooner or later a certain percentage will result in meetings and a certain percentage of those will result in sales,” Mr Tittel maintained.

He also urged marketers to screen their sales leads in order to identify quality prospects that are worthy of time and effort. Mr Tittel explained that such a prospect is likely to match a company’s economic and strategic priorities and will have a high probability of buying.

A recent survey by ExactTarget and CoTweet found that sales leads are more responsive to permission-based emails.

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