Marketers should not be afraid of trial and error when it comes to their direct mail campaigns, an expert has said.

Marketing specialist Mark Haslan stressed that no matter how much thought and planning companies put into their direct mail campaigns, perfection is hard to come by and there will always be room for improvement.

Therefore, firms should not be afraid of failure – they should embrace it and look carefully at the shortcomings of their campaign strategies so they know exactly what to improve.

Writing on Overnight Prints, Mr Haslan commented: “By observing shortcomings, business owners will be able to not only improve their existing direct mail marketing campaigns but also use the experience to enhance their initiatives in the future.”

He added that a direct mail campaign’s weak points can be exposed by testing the variables of a campaign, such as its creative design or promotions.

Writing in the Bigger Pockets Blog, marketing expert J Lamar Ferren recently hailed direct mail as a good way to allow marketers to engage with sales leads on a more personal and intimate level.

Posted by Daryl Jay, Business Development Director – Sales, Industry News, General Marketing

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