Marketing expert Michelle Vessel has unveiled a number of top tips for B2B marketers who are keen to achieve success with their marketing campaigns.

The industry insider stressed that in light of the current economic downturn, it is important to “keep the funnel brimming with as many new referrals and interested potential buyers as possible”.

Writing on, Ms Vessel advised that first and foremost, marketers should keep their B2B direct mail campaigns as simple as possible by not overwhelming readers with too much information.

Instead of packing too much data in mailings, she said that marketers can choose to opt for a simple bullet point list which presents their main products, services, branding and contact information in a clear and easy to digest manner.

Following on from that, Ms Vessel stressed the importance of highlighting the key messages and points that marketers want to convey.

“Choose a high-impact graphic design or font to better shine a spotlight on the most important points you want to convey to potential clients,” she said.

“If you’re offering a special discount or another type of incentive, make sure that the call to action is readily discernible from the other text.”

The significance of pushing benefits and features to the forefront was also stressed by Ms Vessel, who advised marketers to “distill” their core values into a few punchy key words and phrases and make these the “visual centrepiece of the letter or postcard”.

In addition, marketers should incorporate challenges and obstacles that the industry is facing to contexualise their messages and give their campaign topical currency.

“Don’t shy away from referencing current industry challenges in your direct mail piece,” Ms Vessel warned. “Try to design offers and incentives such as new customer discounts that capitalise on or speak to current conditions.”

Writing on Microsoft’s Small Business Center, publisher Joanna L Krotz recently echoed Ms Vessel’s comments, stressing that B2B marketers should make sure that they provide “real incentives” in their direct mail campaigns.

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