A marketing specialist has urged companies to avoid certain words such as “review” and “down” in their social media campaigns.

According to Dan Zarrella, a social and viral marketing scientist and author of The Social Media Marketing Book, some of the least popular words marketers should avoid when trying to target sales leads on Facebook, are “apps”, “poll”, “social”, “time”, “game” and “Twitter”.

“These topics might be hot with the bleeding-edge Twitter crowd, but when you’re targeting the much larger Facebook audience, lay off the trendy web geek stuff,” he maintained.

When it comes to words that are most likely to be popular with consumers, marketers should go for options such as “why”, “best”, “video”, “big”, “world”, “how” and “health”.

Mr Zarrella went on to explain that adjectives and adverbs do not perform as well as regular, plain nouns and verbs.

The information was compiled by determining the average number of times an article from individual news sites was shared on Facebook.