An industry expert has urged marketers not to underestimate the importance of email leads.

Liz Jackson, founder and managing director of Great Guns Marketing, stressed that sales leads play a vital part in any company’s growth potential, so firms should devote the appropriate amount of time to nurturing leads.

She explained that a sales lead typically involves a person receiving some information then indicating they would like to learn more, and can be generated through various channels, including e-shots, telemarketing and direct marketing.

“Given that leads and sales are inextricably linked, it is essential that the various approaches are co-ordinated and convey a consistent message about your company and services,” Ms Jackson said.

“Your approach must be well thought out and current, with each method conveying a benefits-rich message; i.e. how your services will help them improve their bottom line.”

The recent 2009 Business Pulse report from BT found that new technologies are helping companies convert leads into sales and win more business.

Posted by Julie Knight, Managing Director – General Marketing, Industry News