Digital marketers should not underestimate the importance of including unsubscribe links in their email communications, an expert has said.

Neil Anuskiewicz, director of business development at EZ Publishing, pointed out that messages are less likely to be mistaken for spam if they feature an unsubscribe link clearly and prominently at the top of email messages.

Writing in, he warned marketers that spam complaints can have an extremely detrimental effect on email marketing campaigns and could stain a firm’s reputation.

“If subscribers who want to get off your list cannot find your unsubscribe link quickly (about two seconds), they are going to use the very easy-to-find complaint button in their email programmes,” Mr Anuskiewicz said.

He urged marketers to make it easy for consumers to opt-out of marketing messages as not only does this keep complaints down, but it improves overall deliverability and helps to secure campaign success.

A new direct mail opt-in law introduced to Germany in September has raised concerns about whether the UK marketing industry may soon be on the brink of tighter consumer opt-in regulations.

Posted by Suzanne Stock – Communications Director, HR, Online Advertising, General Marketing

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