Direct mail should always figure in marketers’ campaign strategies, an expert has said.

Ian Hitt, managing director of email marketing services provider Epsilon International, noted that many firms are increasingly making use of online platforms during the current downturn, but they should not solely rely on email marketing.

He maintained that firms should try and complement their email marketing techniques with offline platforms and a range of other approaches.

“Email marketing is a fantastic communication channel but it is only one element of the communications mix,” Mr Hitt pointed out.

Email should not be seen in isolation – businesses should look at how it connects or supports other channels whether these be direct mail or call centre strategies.”

Writing in The Business Ledger, Gary Bohringer of recently advised smaller companies to take more advantage of the benefits of direct mail.

He explained that the offline platform is all too often thought of as a technique used by more established firms, but small companies can also benefit from the medium, as it is affordable and can have a high level of measurability.

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