Marketers should not be afraid of stepping up the frequency with which they send emails to their sales leads, an industry specialised has advised.

According to Chad Horenfeldt, regional manager at Eloqua, many marketers are anxious about increasing the frequency of emails sent to their opted-in database due to a fear that they do not have anything good to send or that they are already sending too many emails.

Writing in Anything Goes Marketing, he explained that this reluctance also stems from a belief that marketers need to cleanse their databases and mailing lists first before executing campaigns.

Mr Horenfeldt urged marketers to make educational content that will guide sales leads and prospects through the evaluation stages to the eventual product purchase.

“If this is not done, there is a greater chance that leads will leak out of the sales and marketing funnel and may go to the competition,” he warned.

Mr Horenfeldt also recommended that marketing firms map out the content that prospective buyers would be interested in at various stages of the sales process and automate the delivery of this communication.

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