Targeting top-level executives is the best way to secure business leads, an expert has advised.

According to marketing specialist Steve Lightstone, in order to achieve success in their lead generation efforts, firms have to develop their communications to illustrate to company bosses how they have delivered effective results for other clients.

Writing on Marketing Profs, he urged marketers to ensure they showcase well-known clients and complement their stories with quotes from these organisations, analysts and the media.

“Most of all, present quantifiable proof,” Mr Lightstone said. “‘ABC Company saw a 300 per cent return on investment in nine months after implementing our solution’ is far more powerful than ‘our solution is easy to implement’.”

He also advised firms not to be afraid of breaking all the traditional marketing copy rules and stressed the importance directness, while avoiding adjectives and adverbs.

In a recent article on Media Post, Chad White, research director at Smith-Harmon, advised marketers to make use of “solid” templates as part of their campaign strategy.

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