The human touch is necessary to forge a good relationship with sales leads, an expert has stressed.

According to Christa Carone, chief marketing officer of Xerox, marketers need to use their marketing content to forge personal relationships rather than focusing solely on employing new technologies.

Speaking to industry figures at the Digital Marketing Days this week, Ms Carone pointed out that customers receive about 3,000 media messages a day but only pay attention to 52 and remember four.

So in order to be part of those four messages that customers remember, content has to be vibrant and relevant to recipients’ idiosyncratic interests and tastes.

“Marketers should try to understand the unique aspects of each customer and then turn that into a relevant conversation based on that specific customer,” Ms Carone explained.

“We can all do the ‘Dear Karen’ e-mail, but it is about being relevant and making it unique to the customer.”

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