New research suggests that consumers on social media networks tend to be more loyal than those on other platforms.

According to a study conducted by digital consulting firm Syncapse Corp, Facebook fans of a brand provide noticeably more value as customers than non-fans and on average, participate with a brand ten times a year.

The study, which analysed consumer product spending, brand loyalty, propensity to recommended, earned media value and brand affinity, found that Facebook fans are also more likely to maintain a relationship with the brand.

Facebook fans were found to be 28 per cent more likely than non-fans to continue using a brand and are 41 per cent more likely than non-fans to recommend a product to their friends and acquaintances.

Overall, more than two-thirds (68 per cent) of Facebook fans said they are very likely to recommend a product across the top 20 leading brands.

Furthermore, over three-quarters (81 per cent) of Facebook fans said they feel a connection or empathy with the brand compared to 39 per cent of non-fans. Similarly, 87 per cent of fans said they feel warmth, gratitude, happy or satisfied, compared to 49 per cent of non-fans.

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