Marketers have made great strides in cross-channel marketing over the course of 2010, an industry expert has said.

Karin von Abrams, senior analyst at eMarketer, pointed out that levels of expertise when it comes to multichannel marketing are growing all the time and agencies are becoming increasingly adept at integrating multiple platforms to drive online engagement.

At the heart of the majority of cross-channel marketing campaigns lies the web, which Ms von Abrams said is “definitely taking on a central role in marketing activity for virtually all brands”.

“It is now clear that every brand or business can benefit in some way from building awareness online, or from rethinking its business processes to make full use of digital channels,” she commented.

Ms von Abrams pointed out that social media platforms are also playing an increasing role in firms’ marketing campaign strategies.

Nicola Clark, features editor at Marketing Magazine, recently urged firms to carry out proper research before they embark on a social media-led marketing campaign.